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Clock “boat of Venus and Love” Empire



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Rare mythological clock in gilt bronze with mercury Empire period. Signed Venault, rue de richelieu, watchmaker referenced in the Tardy, dictionary of French watchmakers. Very beautiful realistic scene. of a boat adorned behind the mask of Poseidon, God of the sea. before a swan neck. Domed white enamel dial is inscribed in a bundle. surmounted by the goddess Venus accompanied by a sea anchor and a cornucopia. Standing cherub holding a carved oar of a trident and a fish. The boat rests on two fish swimming in stylized waters.

Mechanism of origin without modification, silk wire suspension, hour and half-hour bell on old bell.

Pendulum selected for its theme, its quality of preservation and its authenticity.

Hauteur : 36 cm / Largeur : 34 cm / Profondeur : 13 cm

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